02Practice Areas

Construction Recruitment

Our areas of specialized practice are the general building, heavy-highway and waste water markets. Whether you are a construction manager, general contractor or specialized trade contractor, we have decades of direct knowledge and experience in your area of expertise.

To ensure the best possible results, each assignment is managed from the initial call by a Senior Partner who personally performs all of the recruiting work involved in your case. This approach allows us to form a close working relationship with your recruiter and helps us respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

Organizational Consulting

After more than forty years of working for contractor organizations of all sizes, organizational types and markets few know more than we do about what makes a contractor tick and what provides the greatest organizational challenges and opportunities.

Quite often we find that contractor organizations evolve at a different rate than their systems and people can adapt to. This often means people are promoted into roles they are no longer fully suited for and existing systems that no longer serve the current needs of their organization. Change is hard yet inevitable in all organizations and resisting it can be quite costly if not fatal.

Our approach is simple. We come to your office and spend an average of five days there meeting with and profiling your employees across all sectors of work (typically 20-25 people). We learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your organizational system, procedures and the people therein. We then prepare a detailed assessment of what we have learned and make detailed recommendations on how you might improve in area of concern. As needed we can then assist you in making the required adjustments to your organization. Our goal is to clean up the loose ends which naturally develop over a long time so you can operate most efficiently and profitably.